Milena-Jael SILVA

Milena-Jael SILVA

Urban services data scientist. Smart city and territory specialist.


Milena-Jael SILVA is an urban service data scientist and smart city/territory specialist. She has worked within public, private and mixed sector organisations, in Latin America (Colombia) and in Europe (France), in areas related to the urban service delivery systems concerning transport, culture, energy, gas, water, tourism, and others services.

She conceive the transformation of urban services as a process that goes beyond a technology-centred vision, through the prism of at least three dimensions:

  • technological innovation guided by IoT and massive data;
  • institutional innovation, and
  • social innovation.

Her interests include co-creating inclusive and interoperable smart urban service systems meeting citizens needs. She is particularly interested in different life cycle stages of urban data projects: ideation, prototyping, creation of data structure, heterogeneous data acquisition, data cleaning, data analysis/modelling, data visualisation and deployment.

Her aim is to contribute to the implementation of social innovation and AI solutions for the betterment of citizen services.


  • Smart city and territory services
  • Data-driven smart service systems
  • Data science for the public good
  • Social innovation and social inclusion
  • Public service innovation


  • Ph.D., in management of smart urban public service systems, data and territory, 2018

    Grenoble-Alps University (France)

  • M. Sc. Management of Information Systems and Organisations, 2013

    Grenoble-Alps University (France)

  • BSc in Systems and Computer Engineering, 2011

    Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia)

  • Academic exchange program, engineering school, 2008

    École nationale supérieure d'informatique et mathématiques appliquées de Grenoble (ENSIMAG), Grenoble INP



Co-founder | R&D director


2023 – Present

Projets on urban services, proof of concepts (PoC).


  • Design department
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Deployment of models
  • Social innovation
  • Ecological transition

Data scientist

Ministère de l’Intérieur

2022 – 2023 France

Diagnosis, definition and implementation of a data roadmap.


  • Audit of databases, data quality, processes and data architecture.
  • Tuning of databases, implementation of a data quality approach, redefinition of a data architecture (CI/CD). Project management.
  • Definition of roles for a cross-functional data team.
  • Data roadmap strategy proposition to implement statistical analysis and effectively synthesize data: collection of needs, modeling and development of datawarehouses, reporting, OLAP cubes and dashboards.
  • State of the art.

Lead data scientist

Popote colors

2020 – 2022 France

Startup working on IA-based nutrition services.


  • R & D

Metropolis project manager, data science and smart city program

Altran Technologies R & I

2019 – 2019 Saint-Herblain

Research program on data science applied to the smart city.


  • Co-creation of Proofs of Concept (PoCs) for a “Crédit Impôt Recherche” (CIR) projet repport
  • Data analysis and machine learning modeling
  • Drafting of a European H2020 project proposal
  • Consortium constitution with partners from 4 continents (H2020 project of the RIA IncoFlagShip)

Doctorant contractuel : urban services smart city data analysis

DSI Grenoble-Alpes Métropole. ARC7: Innovations, Mobility, Territories and Urban Dynamics. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Grenoble-Alps University

2013 – 2018 Grenoble

As part of a pilot project for the interoperability of smart city urban public services at local, regional and national level named déploiement de services mobiles sans contact par les territoires, Programme d’investissements d’Avenir, PIA. 15 pilot projects for 14 French urban agglomerations: 1) Besançon; 2) Bordeaux; 3) Paris; 4) Rennes; 5) Lille; 6) Marseille; 7) Dijon; 8) Nice; 9) Mulhouse; 10) Caen-la-Mer; 11) Strasbourg; 12) Toulouse; 13) Toulon and 14) Grenoble.


  • Smart city public service co-experimentation Mongroom experimentation (QR Codes and NFC tags)
  • Smart city working group participation
  • Public service design
  • Research on smart service systems
  • Qualitative and quantitative data and networks analytics

Computer engineer (Stage M2)

DSI Gaz Électricité de Grenoble, GEG (France)

2013 – 2013 Grenoble

Gaz Electricité de Grenoble (GEG) is a local mixed company which produces renewable energies. GEG manages the gas and electricity distribution networks in Grenoble and also supplies electricity and gas throughout France.


  • Implementation of a knowledge management system and a technical anomalies management tool for Grenoble gas and electricity service’s billing process
  • Benchmarking
  • Choice of tool and data migration
  • Deployment Tool

Data engineer

DSI Superintendencia de Servicios Públicos Domiciliarios (Colombia)

2011 – 2012 Bogota

The Superintendence of Domiciliary Public Services (Superservicios) promotes and protects the rights and duties of users and providers of public services in order to contribute to improving the quality of life of Colombians, the competitiveness of the sector and the economic development of all the 1101 municipalities of the country.


  • Data migration
  • Data cleansing and quality
  • Data analysis
  • Support of anomalies
  • Maintenance of oracle datawarehouse for the supply of water, sewage, energy, gas and LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) services.

Urban services projects


External Project

Repas-Lucide external project website.

Internal Project

Some internal projects.

Recent Publications

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French labour market transformation in the smart cities era expansion. New smart service systems – New job skills policy development ?

This paper proposes a framework offering a way to highlight and analyse the labour market transformation which would be useful for creating public policy and anticipating the change of workforce skills concerning service industries such as art, culture, tourism, health.

From service logics, institutional pluralism and complexity to service system innovation? How are evolving innovation topics ?

This project proposes an integrative framework to service logics pluralism and complexity in service system innovation research design via a longitudinal review of innovation, service logics and service systems research over time.

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